Sunday, May 9, 2010

Election 2010!

Today is the day where we will vote for the next new leaders in our country Philippines. Its really a pain in the head because there are still flying voters, voter selling and other kinds of illegal things that connects the election.
The election is now automated which means that there are machines who are going to read the ballots instead of us humans manually counting it.
The machine is called "PCOS" (Precinct Count Optical Scan), these machines are programmed to read the ballots which the COMELEC created. It will only accept the ballots that are created by the COMELEC, other than that it will reject it. You can't even replicate the ballots because these ballots are coded just like our money so its very sophisticating in duplicating it.
There are still things that I don't know about this machine, but all I can say is We can do anything as long as we want to.

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